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June 22, 2009

I have had lots and lots going on recently, which is one reason why I’ve not really started posting here. The other reason is that I’ve been thinking a great deal about what I want to do here, and what I don’t want to do here.

I want this site to be far more focused than my previous blogs on subjects that interest me from a professional perspective – that is things that have some application in what I do for work. Most importantly it needs to be interesting for both you and I. If it is a little fun too, that would be great!

So what have I been doing?

I have recently started doing some work for SiteZero Internet and that has been going great. If your business needs a new website or a refresh of your current website, I’d be deeply grateful to have the chance to talk to you how SiteZero can offer you a fully supported, results-driven website. I can be contacted on 0438 999 911 or at stephen <at> hamilton <dot> id <dot> au. I will be posting lots more about the cool things I am getting to do at SiteZero in the near future.

I’m in the process of getting some certification for the MYOB Bookkeeping course I did a couple of months ago. Not terribly exciting, but extremely useful!

My brother Ben and I are starting a Podcast! It will be focused on Australian Small Business and will feature interviews with some really clever people who will be giving great advice to the listeners to help them reach their business goals. It will have a strong technological perspective (which is not surprising given our backgrounds), but will also have some really practical advice from experts in all areas. We don’t have a date yet for the release (in fact, we have yet to record a single thing!) but this will be happening soon. Looking forward to this – it will be fun, and we’re looking forward to interviewing lots of really interesting people.

I am, mainly for my own curiosity, reading up on some subjects related to my work. I am reading the Head First: HTML with CSS and XHTML, which I’ve just started, but am very impressed with so far. I have been reading up on Copywriting – Paul Hassing is an Australian copywriter I find interesting, although I’ve found CopyBlogger has more of the practical “how-to” information I’m after at present. I have also found some interesting posts on becoming a SEO and Adwords expert here and here.

I am looking forward to developing this site, and hopefully this includes you participating in the comments, contacting me with ideas, criticism, or praise. I guess that is my challenge: Make this site interesting enough for you to visit and participate in. Wish me luck!

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